By scheduling an appointment with Dusten Lyvers owner of Dusten Lyvers, LLC you are agreeing and understand that Dusten does not choose which people come through in a reading, Spirit directs the entire process. All actions taken on information given in a reading is the sole responsibility of the individual taking those actions. Dusten Lyvers will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions made after your scheduled appointment- this includes anything during Skype, Facetime, Telephone, Zoom, Private Readings, Group Readings, Fundraisers, Events,  or any of Dusten’s services. Dusten is not a licensed medical physician, attorney, etc. Any decisions taken regarding such fields should be done so with consultation from a licensed professional in that field. All services surrounding Readings, or Spiritual Therapy are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you!

By scheduling a Counseling Appointment you are agreeing to enter Treatment with Dusten Lyvers as your Counselor, and as such Documents will need to be signed before Counseling Services can begin. Counseling is typically meant for short-term care, but not as short as only one Counseling Session. Please begin Counseling Services with Dusten with an intention to continue Counseling for at least 3-4 weeks. Thank You!

*Legal Notice: Dusten Cannot blend Psychic/Mediumship work with Counseling Services. Please do not ask him to “Read You” during a Counseling Session, or to “Counsel You” during a Psychic/Mediumistic Reading. If you continue to ask Dusten to Mix his Services, Dusten will be forced to end the session and you will NOT be given a refund.

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