By scheduling an appointment with Dusten Lyvers owner of Dusten Lyvers, LLC you are agreeing and understand that Dusten does not choose which people come through in a reading, Spirit directs the entire process. All actions taken on information given in a reading is the sole responsibility of the individual taking those actions. Dusten Lyvers will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions made after your scheduled appointment- this includes anything during Skype, Facetime, Telephone, Zoom, Private Readings, Group Readings, Fundraisers, Events,  or any of Dusten’s services. Dusten is not a licensed medical physician, attorney, etc. Any decisions taken regarding such fields should be done so with consultation from a licensed professional in that field. All services surrounding Readings, or Spiritual Therapy are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you!

*Legal Notice: Dusten Cannot blend Psychic/Mediumship work with Counseling Services. Please do not ask him to “Read You” during a Counseling Session, or to “Counsel You” during a Psychic/Mediumistic Reading. If you continue to ask Dusten to Mix his Services, Dusten will be forced to end the session and you will NOT be given a refund.

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