Dusten's Energy Space

Spiritual Therapy involves coming up with a plan to help you better control different aspects of your life and make positive changes for your benefit. Dusten does this by using many different tools: his intuition in addition to life coaching skills, and energy healing.

Many things happen inside Dusten’s office, and the entire session is tailored to his client. What works for one person’s healing may not work for another. You can discuss what you would like to get out of your session when you come in.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

In an Energy Healing session, I start by sitting the client down and using my intuition to feel for any medical or energy issues they may have. After this, I have the client lay on my Energy Healing Table and I check their energy with a pendulum to see if there are any energy blockages. You will be given an Energy Report about what I was sensing during the session. Then, I send energy into the problem areas that the client is having. I am a certified Reiki Master and utilize hands-on healing.

This is the only service where I will need to see a picture of a person or animal that I am working on if working long-distance, you can e-mail a picture to me at dusten@lyvers.com.

Energy Report

If you chose to book an Spiritual Therapy Session with me I will be writing up an Energy Report for you. This report entails the problem areas I feel in one’s body as well as any other feelings I may feel that relate to one’s overall health, or the different energies I may feel during a House Clearing in one’s home. If you are booking me for a long distance Energy Healing Session I will be sending you one of these via e-mail.

Energy Explained

Energy is a very complicated subject and we still don’t know exactly what it is, we can only study it’s effects and the properties of those effects. However, science has proven that all mass is energy, so therefore everything that exists is made up of the same energy- this is why Energy Work Works.