Dusten's Car

Dusten drives a 2015 Denim Blue Chevy Spark with an IU license plate that reads “Dancin,” look for this vehicle if you are hosting him for a Group or Event!

There is a flat rate driving fee of $20 per hour from Dusten’s 609 S. 34th st. address. If driving time reaches 4 hours one way the host will need to accommodate Dusten’s lodging. Long distances will need to be reached via plane and can be scheduled by contacting Dusten directly.

Price Example: If Dusten drives roughly 90 minutes to your home you will be charged $60 for 3 hours of total driving time. Click below if you would like to Contact Dusten for a Group Reading or Event!


License Plate

Dusten’s license plate is an IU plate that reads “Dancin,” please look for this vehicle. Any other vehicles that should arrive for a Group or Event may not be affiliated with Dusten.