Whenever a Client schedules an appointment with me I ask only for their Name, Telephone Number,  E-mail, the type of Service they would like to purchase, and how we are doing the Session. Please do not give me any more information before our appointment because I need to be able to Validate things for you to show you that I’m On and Working. 🙂

With every session I give a preparation speech on what to expect with respect to the desired service, and I will not hesitate to ask the Client not to give me a bunch of information during the session because again, I am very big on Validation. This can happen when I ask the Client to validate one piece of evidence and the Client continues to tell me their life story. Just remember, I am stopping you for your benefit! 🙂

Please Note: There are a few things I will not do during a session if it violates my ethical values and morals, but this is very rare and I will let the Client know why I will not do the service and instead give them what I can that pertains to the situation at hand that is still from Spirit. I will say this: I Am Not A Spy!

Important: I Will Not Perform the Same Type of Reading on someone until they have waited about 6 Months (or at my discretion) after their Reading. I do this to protect the Integrity of My Work and to Protect the Client as well, I am huge on making sure the client has time to properly grieve first before a reading. *This only applies to Readings, not Energy Work or Spiritual Therapy.*

– Other than that, I would say you should be prepared! Thank you for your time and interest in my services!