Group Mediumship

groupPlease let me know if you would like to host me for a Group Reading, I love doing them and they are a lot of fun. Some things you should know about group readings: I do not control who comes through or who gets “read.” Not everyone may get a message if there is a large group, but people are still paying for the experience. However, It is a lot of fun, and a great way to spend a Friday night with friends of both the physical and non-physical.

Cost: $250

Duration: Approximately 2 hrs.

– Snacks and Tea are always appreciated during this type of Reading.

– If there are more than 5 people in attendance (including the organizer) there will be an extra fee of $35 per person.

– This Service includes 1 free hour of Driving Time. (More than 1 hour will include an extra Driving Fee.)

– Book a Group Mediumistic Reading by Contacting Me!

– This Reading includes a Recording free of charge!

– Learn about my Reading Style Here!

– Please View How to Prepare Before a Session!

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