Spiritual Therapy

If you feel you need some guidance and direction in your life, you may consider Spiritual Therapy as an alternative to a Reading. Spiritual Therapy involves coming up with a plan to help you better control different aspects of your life and make positive changes for your benefit. Dusten does this by using many different tools: his existentialist approach, his intuition in addition to life coaching skills, energy healing skills, his background with his  B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Communication, and by using his knowledge obtained from his Applied Behavioral Analysis Cert. earned through Indiana University of South Bend. (View Credentials Here)

Many things happen inside Dusten’s office, and the entire session is tailored to his client. What works for one person’s healing may not work for another. It never hurts to check someone’s energy before a session, but some people need more advice and guidance while others may need a direct plan of action. We can discuss what you would like to get out of your therapeutic session when we see each other. Dusten is also multicultural in his approach, he even has an International Studies Cert. earned through Indiana University of South Bend in addition to heaving earned a Minor in East Asian Studies through IUSB.

Duration: 60min

Price: $150

– Let me know if you would like to include energy work/healing in your Spiritual Therapeutic Session.

– Please note that Spiritual Therapy is not meant to take the place of traditional Counseling, and that you should still consult a professional therapist about any mental health problems you may have.

– You should also View How to Prepare Before a Session!

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–  I can also do this type of service over the Phone, by Skype, or by Facetime for no extra charge.

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