Reading Mechanics


I offer services over the Phone,¬†FaceTime, and Skype if you cannot make it to a physical appointment. All readings are scheduled ahead of time, and it is the client’s responsibility to call me at the agreed upon time.

Please call me or FaceTime me at: (574) 214-8235.

Skype Name: dus-ten, with full name appearing as Dusten Lyvers

– There is no up-charge for this service.

All Readings also include a Recording. I will burn the recording onto my computer and send it to you via e-mail by using DropBox! Recordings will be available in DropBox for 48 hours, it is up to the client to save their recording before it is deleted in DropBox. Clients are more than welcome to also record on their own devices, but I ask that clients do not take notes because it slows the process and inhibits the flow of information.

Price: Free

Please Note: DropBox works for international clients, I can now send Recordings to anyone in the world!

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