About My Classes

TeacherAbout my Classes…

I try to the best of my ability to give everyone in my class a chance to learn. I do not state my personal opinion as fact in any subject that I teach about, and this is especially important in any field in Spirituality. I try to talk about all sides of any given topic, and in every class I try to come up with engaging exercises that give students a chance to actually do what it is they are learning.

Also, sometimes I have food and drink available for people who come to my classes, and we always have at least one ten minute break so students can bond with one another and have a chance to nourish themselves so as to not be distracted in class. 🙂

Please Note: I do not tolerate people belittling one another and if I find out that someone is being treated unfairly I will ask the person who is engaging in the behavior to leave. I have the right to ask anyone to leave at any time. Classes are meant to be fun, informative, and safe.

*If you are contemplating coming to one of my classes- just come. It is always very fun and enlightening.*


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