About my Classes

I try to the best of my ability to give everyone in my classes a chance to learn. I do not state my personal opinion as fact in any subject that I teach about, and this is especially important in the field of Spirituality. I try to talk about all sides of any given topic, and in every class I try to come up with engaging exercises that give students a chance to actually do what it is they are learning.

Please Note: I do not tolerate people belittling one another and if I find out that someone is being treated unfairly I will ask the person who is engaging in the behavior to leave.

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One-on-One Class

If you would like to have a private One-on-One class with just you and me at either my location or via long-distance please contact me directly.

Examples of Classes: Intuitive Development, Mediumship Development, Energy Work Development, Ethics in Mediumship, How to see Auras…

Private Group Classes


If you would like me to teach a Private Group Class at your location please contact me directly. Also, please inform me on the topic that you are interested in learning about or developing, and allow for about a week’s time for preparation of the class.

Price: $350, plus $35 per person over 5

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Tea and Snacks are always appreciated when hosting a group of this nature. There will also be a driving fee, please view my “Driving Information” tab.