Group Reading with Professional Medium Dusten Lyvers

Pieces of Jade is very excited to host renowned Psychic Medium Dusten Lyvers for our Mystic May Celebration! Dusten, “The Fabulous Medium” is a professional Psychic Medium and Energy Worker in Kalamazoo, MI. He is the lead Psychic Medium with Michiana Paranormal Investigations and a scientifically certified Medium with the Forever Family Foundation.
Group Readings are a great way to connect with friends and loved ones in both the physical and the non-physical realm. This is an experience you don’t want to miss, many heartfelt messages will be delivered.

Mediums & Messages Radio Show

‘ll be a guest certified medium with Doreen Molloy for the Forever Family Foundation’s “Signs of Life Radio Show” which is a unique radio show dedicated to the exploration of Life After Death! Date/Time: 05/20/2021 @ 8pm EST
Call In or just listen to top Scientists, Mediums, and Researchers discuss their personal work in the field and answer your most perplexing questions. In this case, I will be providing mini-readings and answering questions for callers calling in!
Topics will include: Mediumship, Near Death Experiences, Death Bed Visions, Reincarnation, Apparitions and Poltergeists, After Death Communication, ESP and Telepathy, Survival of Consciousness ….. and the list is endless!
Dial this number for your chance to receive a mini-reading: (888)-627-6008.

Dusten's Radio Show

All of Dusten’s, “The Fabulous Medium” Radio Shows have been archived in BlogTalkRadio, please feel free to listen to previously recorded shows.