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Opening to the Other Side: Group Reading with Dusten Lyvers

Come out to Beyond Zen Yoga Studio and enjoy their healing space while witnessing high-level mediumship ability in action by Dusten Lyvers, “The Fabulous Medium”- with a glass of wine in your hand!

Dusten Lyvers, “The Fabulous Medium” is the only certified medium in the Midwest to pass the medium certification evaluation offered by the Forever Family Foundation home to other fantastic mediums such as Kim Russo and Laura Lynne Jackson. Dusten is the lead psychic medium investigator with Michiana Paranormal Investigations, and he was sponsored by one of his intuitive teachers to attend the “Arthur Findlay College,” the world’s foremost institution for psychic science and mediumship. Dusten is also a graduate student in mental health counseling at IU South Bend, and in Spirituality, Culture, and Health through Western Michigan University. It is Dusten’s passion to blend his intuitive and mediumship abilities with his education in the counseling philosophy and spirituality research to provide a powerful healing experience for his clients. When Dusten isn’t working for Spirit or educating the public at large, he can be found practicing dance routines for “Dancing with the Stars” through Dan O’ Day dance studio in Mishawaka, IN. Come join Dusten for a fun night of healing and connections to your loved ones that have crossed-over!

Tickets are $25 and will include hors d’oeuvre and a glass of wine.

Please register in advance as seats are limited.

Doors will open at 5:30pm

Date: June 15th

Mini-Readings at Mystic Beads and Earth Wear

Dusten Lyvers, “The Fabulous Medium” will be performing 15 minute mini-readings at Mystic Beads and Earth Wear on June 23rd, 2019 from 1-5pm EST. Come on out and experience a short reading in a wonderful and inviting space that is Mystic Beads and Earth Wear! ♥

Cost: $15 for 15 minutes
First come, first serve- no reservations.

2 Day Intensive Intuitive and Mediumship Development Workshop

Dusten Lyvers, “The Fabulous Medium” will be teaching a 2 day Intuitive/Mediumistic Workshop at the Center for Spiritual Growth.

Day 1 of the 2 day workshop will be focused on building one’s own intuition, this will be accomplished through various exercises and by raising awareness as to how your own intuition works. Be prepared to learn about ethics, philosophy, and to break out in small groups to practice “reading” one another by using your own intuition. Dusten will move from group to group and help individuals interpret their own intuitive messages and challenge you to dive deeper in your own intuitive ability. Dusten will also be demonstrating how the different exercises are accomplished, and how they can be used to enhance your Personal Life, Work Experience, Relationships, and even to help keep you Safe from Harm.

Day 2 of the 2 day workshop will be focused on mediumship ability, while Dusten cannot promise you that you will be the next Theresa Caputo- Dusten can promise that you will be able to better connect to your own loved ones after this workshop. Be prepared to learn about (yes, I know it can be boring but it’s important) more ethics, the philosophy behind mediumship, and to break out into small groups to practice “reading” one another by feeling Spirit. Dusten will move from group to group helping individuals interpret energy and better blend with Spirit, and then we will be reflecting on these exercises as a group! The second part of this workshop will challenge your beliefs about mediumship, yourself, the Universe, and you will come out of this workshop as a slightly different person who now has a relationship with the Other Side.

Cost for each part of the workshop: $90 a class, please sign up for both days if you are able to get the most of this experience.

Dates: July 6th & 7th

Location: The Center for Spiritual Growth
6450 Miami Cir. South Bend, IN

Hellos from Heaven

Hellos from Heaven. $20 entry. July 27th! Doors open at 5pm. Starts at 6pm-8pm! Cash bar & kitchen will be open. 21+