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If you would like to schedule an Energy Healing Session there are a few things you should know: I start off by sitting the client down and using my medical intuition to read them to discover why it is that they have the pain or problem that they do. After that, I have them get on a massage table and I check the Client’s Chakras with a Pendulum to see if they need to be worked on. Then, I send and pray energy into the problem areas that the client is having. I am a certified Reiki Master and utilize hands-on healing. This is the only service where I will need to see a picture of the person or animal that I am working on if it is long-distance, you can e-mail it to me at This service can be requested as part of the hour long Spiritual Therapy Session.

Duration: Approximately 20-30 min.

– Please note that Energy Healing is not meant to take the place of traditional healthcare and that you should still consult your doctor about any health problems you may have.

– Yes, I can also do long-distance Energy Healing and Energy Healing on Animals.

– You will be given an Energy Report about what I was sensing during the session.

– You should also View How to Prepare Before a Session!

– Book a Spiritual Therapy Session Here!


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