Hi there! My name is Dusten Lyvers, and I am a professional Psychic & Medium in the Michiana area. I was born in South Bend, IN and I noticed spirits when I was about 5 years old. I just thought everyone could see them. I casually mentioned I saw things to my parents, but they never thought anything of it. So, I just kept it all to myself and didn’t really talk about it to anybody. Now, I’ve come out of the closet, and here I am at 25 years of age doing professional readings! 

I am also a graduate student at the Indiana University of South Bend studying Mental Health Counseling, and I have a bachelor’s in Psychology. I hope to one day incorporate my Mediumship with my training in counseling and psychology to better help people heal. Above all, it is my passion and privilege to be able to deliver messages and evidence that your loved ones have safely crossed-over to the other side, and are still alive and well, just in another way. I am also heavily involved in research and community events, if you see me out and about feel free to say hi! Teaching and advocacy work are also important to me, I do a lot, but it is all rewarding and for the betterment of the world! 🙂

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