Dusten Allan Lyvers, MS, MA, LLPC, NCC is a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC) being supervised under Dr. Garrett Brookmyer Ed.D, MA, LPC in the state of Michigan and works at “The Focused Mindfulness Center” in Portage, MI. If you are interested in seeking Counseling Services via Telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic from Dusten and live in the state of Michigan please send him an e-mail: dusten@thefocusedmindfulnesscenter.com. Dusten is also available if you’d like him to do Mental Health Training Workshops, Cultural Competency Workshops, Spiritual Competency Workshops, and many other Educational Opportunities using Dusten’s unique Professional and Educational Expertise. Dusten specializes in working within others’ Religious/Spiritual Beliefs, Cultural Values, Addictions, LGBTQIA+, and many other populations in a Counseling Setting. After reaching out to Dusten about his Counseling Services he will respond letting you know if he thinks he can work with you, and he will direct you to “The Focused Mindfulness Center.” Contact Dusten if you live in the state of Michigan and are interested in Counseling via his e-mail: dusten@thefocusedmindfulnesscenter.com. 

By scheduling a Counseling Appointment you are agreeing to enter Treatment with Dusten Lyvers as your Counselor, and as such Documents will need to be signed before Counseling Services can begin. Counseling is typically meant for short-term care, but not necessarily as short as only one Counseling Session. 

*Legal Notice: Dusten Cannot blend Psychic/Mediumship work with Counseling Services. Please do not ask him to “Read You” during a Counseling Session, or to “Counsel You” during a Psychic/Mediumistic Reading. If you continue to ask Dusten to Mix his Services, Dusten will be forced to end the session and you will NOT be given a refund.

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