Things I’m Doing

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Dusten is involved in different psychological research, right now he is awaiting IRB approval to begin research on “transformative grief” with counseling educator, Dr. Kylie Rogalla.


Dusten is also involved with Dr. De Bryant in the Community project SOCACT which promotes spirituality and social justice.

Dusten is going to be a TA (teachers assistant) for the upcoming school year at Western Michigan University in the department of comparative religion, he will be helping to teach and grade in different classes studying spirituality.

Dusten is studying for a graduate certificate in Spirituality, Culture, and Health at Western Michigan University. He is hoping to pair this with his counseling degree to teach therapeutic classes with an emphasis on spirituality in a person’s wellness model.

Dusten has entered his second year of graduate schooling at Indiana University South Bend, he is studying mental health counseling. He is hoping to pair counseling with his work in spirituality and mediumship.


I can assure you I am doing much more than what is on this list! If you are interested in finding out about all of my experiences and accomplishment, as well as all that is in the works, you can view my profile on LinkedIn.


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