Dusten LLPC

Dusten is a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC) being supervised under Dr. Garrett Brookmyer Ed.D, MA, LPC in the state of Michigan and works at “The Focused Mindfulness Center” in Portage, MI.

Dusten NCC

Dusten is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Read about what this means below.

International Studies

Dusten completed coursework to earn a certificate in International Studies through IU. Dusten has clients who call from over 15 different countries, so his education helps with both cultural and language barriers.

Presenting Research

Dusten presented research on “Quick Fixes” at the IASS conference with his best friend Charlie (near left) and his good friend Jake! (far left)

Reiki Master

Dusten is a certified Reiki Master and uses Energy Healing in his “Spiritual Therapy” appointments. 

Certified LGBTBE

Dusten Lyvers, LLC is a proud certified LGBTBE business. It is important to be connected to a greater sense of community as a gay business owner!

Methadone Clinic

Dusten was able to complete a counseling internship working at “Victory Clinical Services,” a methadone clinic in South Bend, IN. Dusten fought against the opioid epidemic firsthand.

LGBT Therapy & Clients

Dusten has completed various therapeutic training working with the LGBT population. LGBT clients are in good hands, and they will not be judged!

FFF Afterlife Conference

Dusten helped with Forever Family Foundation’s 2014 Afterlife Conference hosted in North Carolina! It was a blast! Here Dusten is posing with some of his favorite FFF Fam! 🙂

Life Coach

Dusten is a certified Life Coach and uses his life coaching skills in his Spiritual Therapy sessions. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dusten was a graduate teaching assistant for WMU’s Christianity 2050 course and Religion 3190 course. Dr. Visscher was Dusten’s favorite teacher to work with in the Comparative Religion Department, if you want something done fast and efficiently contact Dr. V! 

ACA Member

Dusten is a good standing member of the American Counseling Association. Dusten uses his therapeutic skills in both his work and in his day-to-day life. 

Arthur Findlay College

Dusten was sponsored to study abroad at the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost institution for Psychic Science and Mediumship. Dusten’s Mediumship Family Tree stems from England. Glyn Edwards was both Dusten’s and John’s (Dusten’s primary mentor) tutor. 

Reverend Dusten

Dusten is an ordained Reverend through the Universal Life Church and performs weddings upon request. Just call him “Reverend Dusten.”


Dusten is one of the committee members and presenters for the SOCACT Project (Social Action Project) which promotes different people’s spiritual and cultural traditions. This is the first of many events that hopes to educate the public and inspire social action among attendees! 

Behavior Certificate

Dusten earned his certificate in Basic Applied Behavior Analysis through IU. Dusten uses his training in behaviorism when working with clients.