Who is Dusten Lyvers?

Dusten Lyvers is a professional psychic medium and energy worker in Kalamazoo, MI. Dusten is the lead psychic medium with Michiana Paranormal Investigations, a scientifically certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation, and he has studied at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Science and Mediumship. Dusten is also a Ph.D student in Counselor Education and Supervision, a Spirituality and Comparative Religion Scholar, and ballroom dance performer.

Upcoming Events!

Upcoming EventsStay in the loop by keeping up with Dusten’s future events! You can also view Dusten’s Facebook Page to lookup Upcoming Events! New Events are added often, so make sure to check every so often! Click the button below to view Upcoming Events! Thank You!

What People are Saying

Testimonies To view a long list of testimonies please click the “Click Here” button below! Last I counted there were nearly 70 testimonies, feel free to read them all! if you’d like to leave a testimony after your appointment please contact Dusten, thank you!

Before your Appointment

Please do not give me any information before our appointment! I am very big on validation and it is for your benefit! Please do not ask me specific leading questions, hand me pictures or items, or tell me your life story in an e-mail! There are also some things I cannot legally and/or ethically validate for you, I will say this… I Am Not A Spy! My work is therapeutic and healing, please help keep the integrity of the session.

A Spiritual Church

If you are looking for a spiritual community to belong to I would try “Unity Church of Peace” in South Bend, IN. I love Rev. Sandy! I have volunteered as a greeter for our church for years and I was welcomed right away!

Spiritual Shop

I highly recommend “Mystic Beads & Earth Ware!” Jules and Boyd will take the time to help you find what you are looking for. I also do discounted readings out of their shop every few months to reach people who can’t afford my regular rates!

Spiritual Center

“The Center for Spiritual Growth” hosts wonderful spiritual events that will help you enhance your spiritual lifestyle. I love Helene and Fred, and I volunteer Group Readings here to give back to my hometown of South Bend!

Spiritual Yoga

“Beyond Zen Yoga” has a fantastic staff of spiritually-minded individuals who will help you connect your mind, body, and soul. Natalie is my fav, and she usually hosts me once a year for a Group Reading with wine!

FFF Certified Medium

Dusten is currently the youngest certified medium with FFF. The mission of FFF is to connect science with the afterlife to prove the survival hypothesis, that life continues after death. Check FFF out for spiritual and scientific resources!

Medium with MPI

Dusten is the psychic medium with Michiana Paranormal Investigations, a nonprofit organization whose members investigate paranormal phenomena, educate the public on paranormal experiences, and help deal with hauntings. Contact us for an investigation!

"The Fabulous Medium"

Radio ShowDusten being named “The Fabulous Medium” comes from two places… people always telling him he is “fabulous,” and from the name of his radio show on BlogTalkRadio! Click the button below to listen to his show!

Big Group Events!

partyIf you’re thinking about hosting me for a benefit (Special Olympics, Hello Gorgerous, Women’s Expos, etc.) please contact me directly. The same applies if you are interested in hosting me in your home to read your friends and family. Prices for benefits vary, but for prices on Group Readings please click the “Click Here” button.

Dusten the Graduate

Dusten graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University South Bend back in 2016. Since then, Dusten can be found pursuing any educational opportunity he comes across  that can be of value for his clients.

Spirituality Studies

Dusten graduated from WMU in 2018. Dusten learned how to produce scientific research in the field of Spirituality, Culture, and Health. Currently he has helped produce mental health workshops.

Mental Health Center

Dusten is a mental health counseling student through Indiana University South Bend and blends his therapeutic skills in his services and daily interactions with people. If you are in need of mental health services Notre Dame’s “Psychological Services Center” in South Bend, IN only charges $10 per mental health session. Click below for details.

Educational Materials

Dusten’s educational materials can be purchased. Dusten teaches private classes, group classes, and online classes. Group classes need to be scheduled by contacting Dusten directly. Click below to learn about Dusten’s classes.

House Cleansings

smudgeIf you would like to have a house cleansing  to remove negative energy or even a possible haunting and do not want to sign up with MPI you can contact me directly. Prices vary from home-to-home based on size, distance, and availability. There may be a waiting list, thank you for your patience!


“Reverend Dusten” is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and officiates weddings if couples ask him personally. Contact Rev. Dusten directly for details.

eBay Seller

Dusten runs a little eBay business as a side hobby, he often goes to estate sales with his mom and flips things that he buys from them. Check out what goodies are listed for sale! Dusten’s eBay name is dustenlyvers101

Energy Healing

Dusten started his spiritual work with hands-on energy healing. If you would like to have an energy healing session you can add it to your “Spiritual Therapy” appointment. Spiritual Therapy appointments can be done remotely, and even on animals!