Upcoming Events


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Dusten will be donating his time and talent to raise money for the Neighborhood Center in Plymouth, IN. Come check him out as he is part of “Dancing with the Stars!”

Dusten will be donating readings for attendees at the Expo for Women event on March 1st! He does this is in honor of being raised by women as a child.

Dusten will be doing mini-readings at Mystic Beads & Earth Ware on March 4th from 1-5. Click here for details!

Dusten is being housed at the local hotel as a guest of Reverend Terry’s at Camp Chesterfield from March 9th-11th. Come down for Dusten’s Meet and Greet!

Dusten will be on Spring Break from March 11th-18th, please don’t try to book readings or events during this time!

Dusten will be Teaching a Beginner’s Intuitive Development Workshop on April 7th. Click here for details.

Dusten will be teaching an Advanced Intuitive Development Workshop on April 21st. Click here for details. 

Dusten will be performing a Group Reading at “The Center for Spiritual Growth” on May 16th. Click here for deets. 

Dusten is a committee member with SOCACT (Social Action Project), come out and see different people’s spiritual traditions and cultures! Click here for details!