Get Prepared!

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Whenever a Client schedules an appointment with me I ask only for their Name, Telephone Number,  E-mail, the type of Service they would like to purchase, and how we are doing the Session. Please do not give me any more information before our appointment because I need to be able to Validate things for you to show you that I’m On and Working. 🙂

*Please do not hand me anything before or during a session to “read,” or send me pictures of someone to “read,” I will not do it.*

With every session I give a preparation speech on what to expect with respect to the desired service, and I will not hesitate to ask the Client not to give me a bunch of information during the session because again, I am very big on Validation. This can happen when I ask the Client to validate one piece of evidence and the client continues to tell me their life story. Just remember, I am stopping you for your benefit! 🙂

I always say 3 things in my preparation speech: 1.) I try my best to be as specific as possible with the information that is coming through, but we may have to figure out where the information goes- but the information should be specific enough you should know where it fits in your life or the life of a loved one that is crossed over. 2.) If at anytime you are uncomfortable about anything that gets brought up or are under emotional distress please let me know and we will move forward and not talk about whatever it was that made you uncomfortable. It is not my job to make people deal with their issues it is simply my job to bring things up to your attention and you do what you want with the information. 3.) If at anytime you do not understand something that I am saying please let me know and I will explain it to you in a way that makes sense to you. I am a 24 year old American Male, and clients from other countries may not understand some of my phrases or the way I explain things.

Please Note: There are a few things I will not do during a session if it violates my ethical values and morals, but this is very rare and I will let the Client know why I will not do the service and instead give them what I can that pertains to the situation at hand that is still from Spirit. I will say this: I Am Not A Spy!

Important: I Will Not Perform the Same Type of Reading on someone until they have waited about 6 Months (or at my discretion) after their Reading. I do this to protect the Integrity of My Work and to Protect the Client as well, I am huge on making sure the client has time to properly grieve first before a reading. *This only applies to Readings, not Energy Work or Spiritual Therapy.*

Special Note to International Clients: I do not currently have any way of sending Recordings out of the Country. Please, if you would like the Reading Recorded, Record it from your end. Thank You. 🙂

– Other than that, I would say you should be prepared! Thank you for your time and interest in my services!