Reading Mechanics


I offer services over the Phone,¬†FaceTime, and Skype if you cannot make it to a physical appointment. All readings are scheduled ahead of time, and it is the client’s responsibility to call me at the agreed upon time.

Please call me at: (574) 214-8235.

Skype Name: dus-ten, with full name appearing as Dusten Lyvers

– There is no up-charge for this service.


All Readings also include a Recording. I will burn the recording onto a CD and hand it to you before you leave in a CD holder, no hassle and totally handy! You can even listen to the recording in your car on your way home!

Price: Free

Duration: Approximately 5-10 min.

Please Note: If you are booking a Reading Internationally, I do not currently have any way of mailing out Recordings Internationally. If you would like the Reading Recorded, please Record it from your end. Thank You.

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