Things I’ve Done



Dusten has been featured at the wonderful Knollwood Country Club, he performed readings for many in the audience.


Dusten has helped to raise money for the 3rd largest Elks Lodge in Indiana to purchase a new roof by performing a Group Reading.


Dusten has helped raise money for the Bruno’s family in South Bend, home to Bruno’s Pizza by performing a Group Reading.


Dusten has helped to raise money for the Special Olympics by doing Group Reading Fundraisers.


Dusten has volunteered his readings for years at the Expo for Women in South Bend which promoting women’s rights.


Dusten has helped to raise money for Mooseheart which gives homeless youth homes by doing a Group Reading Fundraiser.


Dusten has donated readings for attendees at Hello Gorgeous, an organization that donates makeovers to women with cancer.

Dusten performed a group reading at Hawthorne Golf Club in Fishers, IN, it was the fanciest facility he has ever had the privilege of performing a group reading in.


Dusten has also aided in psychology research on race, he does much more than just readings! 🙂

Dusten graduated from Indiana University South Bend in 2016, he majored in Psychology. He has two minors, one in East Asian Studies, and one in Interpersonal Communication. He also has two certificates from IU, one in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and one in International Studies.










Dusten presented his research on “Quick Fixes” at Purdue Northwest in their IASS conference with fellow scientists Charlie, and Jake. He was under the mentorship of Dr. Catherine Borshuk.


Even when Dusten was in High School he was active in his community. He and a friend named Rachel did a presentation on recycling at Mishawaka High School, and persuaded the school to change trash companies and incorporate recycling into the school.

Dusten was invited to be a headliner for a Psychic Conference in Connecticut (August 2017). This was a milestone in his career.


If you are interested in finding out about all of my experiences and accomplishments you can view my profile on LinkedIn.

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